Spiritual Integration Training

  • 4 Week Intensive
  • 6 Week Intensive
  • 8 Week Intensive

What is included:

  • 3 Days Per Week (4 hours per week by appointment) Zoom 1 on 1 Intensive Work
  • Customized Program Design and Implementation
  • Ego Deconstruction Training
  • How to overcome unprocessed fear and trauma
  • Meditation Training (Practical Application)
  • Creating a Functional Working Paradigm Shift in Consciousness
  • Customized Nutrition Program for Spiritual Ascension
  • Resilience Training
  • Text Support
What is Spiritual Integration Training?

Training designed for you to integrate spiritual teachings into our daily life to transcend your human potential. We are currently living in a time where our planet itself is going through an evolutionary change. In this change, we are awakening to a new truth of human consciousness that we are much more than we were told. With this shift on our planet, we encounter periods of unfortunate suffering because we were never taught how to navigate these extreme times. We were programmed to believe in a story about our species that does not support who we really are. For this reason, we feel like it is an ongoing battle within our mind and body. This training is designed specifically for you to understand and apply the daily work you need to advance spiritually so you begin to feel better in your life. It is important to remember that the concept of “Advancing in Spiritually” in this case, means to overcome perceived limitations by connecting to your divinity.

How does the training work?

The first step is to assess your current awareness (Consciousness) of what is going on within you and around you. The next step is to provide you with information that will help guide your current understanding of Spiritual Ascension.

We must identify a clear definition of consciousness and what it means to us as it is not clearly defined in our culture. We need to understand how “consciousness” operates within ourselves and how to work with that on a daily basis. To be specific, we need to learn how to navigate our consciousness minute by minute and know how best to alter it depending on our objective. Your ability to transcend will rely on your ability to ensure the Ego Self in the Subconscious does not manipulate your Human Vessel into carrying out destructive behavior. This is the core focus and work I provide in this training.

You can eat the best diet. You can do various types of spiritual healing. You can do plant medicine or daily prayers and ceremonies, but if you do not manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions minute by minute, you will not reach your full potential. The reason for this is that every word you speak and thought you think produces a vibration in the Quantum field linked to the frequency of your “Human Vessel”. This will be linked to you as a frequency and will be connected to you at all times returning those vibrations you create. Every emotion you feel, which is linked to a thought, carries a energetic and chemical reaction in the body. This can either help you or hurt you depending on the emotion felt. We think up to 50,000 thoughts a day and if we are not conscious of them, we attach to them when we otherwise would choose not to.

In this training, I work specifically on increasing your awareness, sensitivity and ability to catch those thoughts before they cause potential damage. Also, how to manage the negative thoughts that do pass through and cause us pain. We are not perfect and sometimes we lose consciousness of those thoughts. There are ways to recover from them before they become too much for you.

Why did I choose to create this Spiritual Training Program?

I chose to focus on this particular work because in the last 4 years I have realized that with all the spiritual coaching and other classes that I was involved with, this was by far the most important aspect of growth. There are many proposed ways to heal and go about this work, but I feel that most are focused on various details and not core disciplines that make the biggest impact.

I realized on this spiritual journey that the reason for much of the suffering that I experienced was related to my confusion as to what I was doing. There is so much information and training methodologies going around from the explosion of “New Age” Spiritual teachers and coaches that made the learning process overwhelming. I feel that what people really need is the type of guidance from a coach that is willing to get on the playing field with them just like an athlete and demonstrate the work necessary to be successful regardless of how difficult the it is. I really felt that the emphasis in the spiritual community was focused more on the outcomes of happiness and bliss rather than the challenges one must face to achieve growth.

As a professional athletic trainer for over 30 years, I have understood what it takes to achieve results through discipline, perseverance and focused effort. I feel that if people take this same approach to Spiritual Growth they will achieve results in the same way.

How to make forward progress in spiritual growth and power?

We need to understand what type of training is necessary to do and how it is to be done on a daily basis.

We need to work at creating a new model of understanding that gives you a platform to effectively integrate your teachings.

You personally will have to practice the exercises on a daily basis and be able to give details of your experience.

You will need to experience and feel the uncomfortable feelings of change. This will take courage and drive for you to push through times that seem to be a struggle. There is no other way through this.

You will be given exercises to specifically target resilience of the human body. Often times the “pain body” as I call it, will try to unseat you. This is where you will courageously find faith in your mind’s power to override the discomfort.

We will also test the resilience of the mind on a daily basis.

My intention is to hold you accountable for putting yourself in uncomfortable situations on a daily basis. This is the work that nobody talks about, but I refuse to keep this hidden from people.

What is the goal of the training program?

Effectively deconstruct the Ego Mind giving the Higher Self or Soul the “Right of Passage” to ultimate Sovereignty.
Give people the ability to access states of consciousness where they are able to connect to the “Zero Point” field while being connected to their heart at any time in their day.
Give people the confidence to know how they can use the Power of “Consciousness” to alter their “state of being” any time of the day regardless of what is going on around them. The advantages of this is to create a state of harmony in the body to improve mental and physical health. Also to manifest the best life possible.
Supporting people who want to continue reaching higher levels of consciousness through advanced work.

An example of how to set up a person’s day and what the work looks like.

They can start by doing advanced breath work every morning. Explain how it will feel and what to be aware of during that. Discuss how progress is made daily using these techniques.

Another thing to do is Meditate directly after the breath work as that is the best time.

I recommend a walking meditation in the day where they can observe the thoughts and what comes up. On that walk we are working to stay present in a playful type of way. They need to understand the dynamics of everything that can happen in that session. The goal on every walk is to lose the sense of time and identity.

Another exercise is to do meditation when you are driving your car or being driven to another place. There are many things the mind can do in that time.

Another exercise is to do meditation when they are with their significant other or even a family member. Anybody who triggers them is the perfect person to do the Ego Deconstruction work.

Washing Dishes or doing chores that they do not like is a perfect place to do the work. Usually, chores that you do not like connect you to trauma associated with the task. Anything that you do not like to do in the day is where the work need to take place. The more you don’t like it, the better potential for growth.

Nutrition needs to be taken seriously and well as trigger foods that you want to eat when you are feeling stress.

Before bed there will be a specific video to watch to understand a specific teaching. The video can be listened to carefully with an active mind and then again under meditation where you your consciousness will be altered to enter the subconscious mind where the program will be installed. The following day we will discuss the teaching and open another level of awareness. The idea is to hardwire the teaching until it becomes part of your operating system.

In our 1 on 1 Sessions we will work directly with challenges you are facing on a daily basis. We will design and customize ways to overcome perceived limitations. We will formulate multiple ways of understanding Spiritual Language, Quantum Physics and Metaphysics so you can apply them with your current knowledge base.