What is Consciousness?

I think this term is poorly defined in today’s world. I think it can have many meanings and depending on how you understand it, will alter the way you navigate it. To me, the meaning of “Consciousness” is our current state of focused awareness at a given moment in time and what is our perception of that? What does that mean really? So, we can decide at any minute of the day what we want to be aware of. Some examples would be, our thoughts, our body, our breath, our external environment, our feelings, our future, our past, our present, on silence, etc. Get my point on this? When we are not purposely focusing on where are awareness is directed we an fall prey to the “Subconscious” programs. This is the danger of the corrupted files taking over the system. In the work of managing awareness, often interchangeable with the word “Consciousness”, we are constantly pushing ourselves to pay attention to where we are at (our state of awareness). It is that simple, but for some reason many of us complicate this practice.

I think maybe because we are always looking to uncover a magic technique or pill that our brain has been desired to acquire. Essentially, we are trying to cultivate a practice where we have the ability to redesign the way we interact with our brain and body in this 3D plane. We are redefining who we are and how we use our human faculties to create experiences we want. This becomes and art form in itself, but only if you are diligent to continue exploring the different feelings and experiences that arrive in the practice. Some days you are not going to understand anything. Other days you will reach what you refer to as a breakthrough. Sometimes you will receive new information. Other days you will be slowly integrating or embodying the new information to become hard coded within you. This is the work. Everything else happens within you and your process of growth. At the end of the day you really have to want to do this. That is the only thing that will energize you to push yourself past perceived challenges. I always make reference to the phenomena of perception by the word “perceived” because eventually challenges will not be felt in the same way. We will get there. What will be your intention of focus today? Where will you direct your awareness?